Residential Sauna & Steam

  • Our Residential Sauna & Steam business is quite similar to our Commercial Sauna & Steam business, the biggest difference being the typical size of the projects (but even that is not always the case!).
  • Airmist Sauna & Steam has been in the sauna and steam business since Arnold Hillukka started the original company in the basement of his home in 1963! We have been in the sauna and steam business longer than any company in the US.
  • Airmist ships all over the country, and all over the world. We have sold saunas & steam rooms/equipment to Canada, Mexico, Israel, England, Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, and many other countries!
  • We have sold to owners of many fine homes in the US (the stately Pillsbury Mansion on Lake Minnetonka, a $10M estate on an exclusive lake in Northern Minnesota, the homes of many professional atheletes), and the owners of many normal everyday homes.  If you want a NICE sauna or steam room, we'll sell it to you! 
  • We can help design your sauna/steam room from the start, make sure it will meet code, and most importantly, make sure you will be very pleased with it when it is complete!

Types of Residential Saunas available:

  • Individual sauna boards and heaters and sauna doors (we provide you the best materials you can get, at reasonable prices, then you build everything);
  • Sauna kits (you frame & insulate the walls, we provide you with everything for the inside of the sauna, including pre-built backrests, benches, doors and slatted flooring);
  • Prefab saunas (we build the complete sauna at our shop, including framing, making sure everything fits properly, then we disassemble it and ship it to you or install it at your desired site);
  • Custom saunas (our master craftsmen come to your site and install another masterpiece!).

Types of Residential Steam available:

  • Steam generators; steam doors,and any other steam equipment (we provide only top quality steam equipment, so if it is low cost you need, we are not your source. We have found too often that when we have provided low cost products to our customers, we both end up dissatisfied in the end!).
  • Fully self-contained Tylo steam suites with benches or  individual seats - none of the hassles with tile, and the room can be installed in a day!;

We can also do Tylariums, which are a combination of sauna & steam in the same room with wood walls - very comfortable and relaxing!

You can go to our Home Page by clicking here, and checking into the products that are of interest to you, or you can do it the easy way, and just email us at, or call us at 763-478-2002, explain your situation, and we can review your options with you! We would love to work with you on your residential project, and bring it to a conclusion that makes everybody happy!